Hypnovitt dietary supplement was developed for people who have a problem with falling asleep and restful sleep, feeling anxiety and nervous tension. Hypnovitt contains passion flower extract, magnolia extract, magnesium and melatonin. Melatonin is beneficial for people traveling and changing time zones* and for people working in a shift system**.

* Beneficial effect occurs when consuming 0.5 mg shortly before going to bed on the first day of travel and for the next few days after arriving at the destination

** Beneficial effect is obtained if 1 mg of melatonin is consumed shortly before going to bed.

promotes falling asleep
promotes falling asleep
increases immunity to stress
increases immunity to stress
improves physical well-being
improves physical well-being


Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) extract:

  • promotes falling asleep
  • increases immunity to stress and helps sleep well 

Magnolia (Magnolia officinalis) extract:

  • contributes to physical well-being


  • reduces the subjective stress associated with changing time zones
  • reduces problems with falling asleep


  • contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system
  • helps maintain proper psychological functions


Magnesium (magnesium bisglycinate), Magnolia extract, passionfruit extract, anti-caking agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids), melatonin. Shell component: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.


Active ingredients: 1 apsule contains
Passion flower (Passiflora incarnate) extract, standardized for total flavonoids expressed as vitexin 1.5% 30 mg
Extract of magnolia (Magnolia officinalis), standardized for content of min. 25% magnolol and 25% honokiol 100 mg
Melatonin 2 mg
Magnesium 120 mg

32% GDA*

* % GDA – Guideline Daily Amount in %