Neurobiovitt is a preparation developed to support people’s mental activity specifically for those who spend hours in front of a computer, behind a steering wheel or studying. It revives memory, supports preservation of cognitive functions and improves concentration. It also reduces the signs of fatigue and weariness through proper energy metabolism. It helps to improve vision due to the content of lutein and zeaxanthin.

strengthens the mind
strengthens the mind
improves fitness
improves fitness
improves vision
improves vision

Neurobiovitt differs from other dietary supplements on the market because it contains high-quality plant extracts. In addition to their noticeable effect on memory and concentration, they also support visual functions and reduce fatigue caused by working long hours at the computer, long drives or shift work.

ATTENTION! Different capsule colors are a natural effect!

Intended use of NEUROBIOVITT (characteristics of ingredients):

Ginkgo biloba extract:

  • affects cognitive behavior and brain performance
  • supports mental balance
  • supports memory and the preservation of cognitive functions especially in the elderly

Guarana extract:

  • supports physical and psychical vitality of the body
  • stimulates and adds energy and improves concentration
  • supports weight control – increases fat metabolism

Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12:

  • support proper functioning of the nervous system and help maintain
  • adequate psychological functions
  • affect normal energy metabolism
  • have a positive effect on the metabolism of homocysteine in blood – a factor
  • determine the condition of the cardiovascular system
  • reduce tiredness and fatigue

The product contains lutein and zeaxanthin derived from Mexican marigold flower extract.

Daily portion:

Dietary supplement intended for adults burdened with intellectual effort and caring for vision, and the elderly.

Recommended daily intake – 1 capsule daily with meal

It is recommended to use the product for a minimum of 3 months.



Neurobiovitt jednocześnie wpływa na zachowanie pamięci i funkcji poznawczych oraz poprawia zdolność koncentracji. Redukuje uczucie zmęczenia i znużenia poprzez prawidłowy metabolizm energetyczny. Przyczynia się do poprawy funkcji wzrokowej, dzięki zawartości luteiny i zeaksantyny. W skład preparatu wchodzą:



Składniki aktywne: 1 kapsułka zawiera w tym:
Ekstrakt z kwiatu aksamitki wzniesionej (20% luteiny i 4% zeaksantyny) 110 mg Luteina – 22 mg

Zeaksantyna – 4,4 mg

Ekstrakt z miłorzębu japońskiego (20% flawonów glikozydowych, 6% terpenów lantanowych) 90 mg Flawony glikozydowe – 18 mg

Terpeny lantanowe – 5,4 mg

Ekstrakt z nasion guarany (22% kofeiny) 130 mg Kofeina – 28,6 mg
Witamina B6 1 mg 71% RSW*
Witamina B12 2µg 80% RSW*

* % RSW – procent referencyjnej wartości spożycia